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Modern Ferrari F40 Rendered, Looks Better Than Most Supercars

When it comes to a machine that has helped define the supercar realm, things don't get more important than the Ferrari F40. From this being the last Prancing Horse to be introduced by Enzo Ferrari to its effervescent driving experience, we could talk about this 80s icon all day long. However, there's something even spicier we can do, namely discuss a modern-day interpretation of the retired Maranello halo car.
Modernized Ferrari F40 sketch 4 photos
Modernized Ferrari F40 sketchModernized Ferrari F40 sketchModernized Ferrari F40 sketch
Yes, I'm referring to the machine in the sketch we have here, which is a contemporary take on the F40.

Ferrari itself brings back visual elements of the twin-turbo V8 icon and, for instance, you can find a few on the SP38 one-off that was revealed in May last year.

However, the virtual contraption sitting before us instantly showcases its DNA. From the overal silhouette of the car, to elements such as the rear window and even the pinstripe scheme adorning the rear fenders, everything here points to the F40.

And, to ensure the fantasy is complete, the wheels are super-sized (just like on the official sketches of production vehicles), while the familiar rear wing is now translucent.

As for the modern side of the eye candy, this comes from bits like the headlights, which seem to be borrowed from the recent SF90 Stradale 1,000 hp hyper-hybrid. Oh, and that super-sized diffuser is here to ensure the aero performance lives up to the name of the stunt.

Now, you might be wondering who is behind this sketch. Well, you should know the work comes from Maxime Prevoteaux. We're talking about a gear head who works as an exterior designer for Volvo.

For the record, sketching outside the box is only normal for such designers and here's another adventure of the sort, which shows what happens when a Mercedes penning specialist envisions a Bugatti EV.


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