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Modern Family Actress Ariel Winter Goes Custom on Her G-Wagon

Alex is the smartest character in the Dunphy family, but in real life 17-year-old Ariel Winter seems to be a lot more than just a geek who cares more for grades than about being popular. It appears she is not just famous among teens all over the world, but also has a soft spot for the boxy Mercedes-Benz off-roader, the G-Wagon.
Ariel Winter's G-Wagon 3 photos
Modern Family Actress Ariel Winter Goes Custom on Her G-WagonModern Family Actress Ariel Winter Goes Custom on Her G-Wagon
What, you haven’t heard of Ariel Winter? She’s one of the most successful young actresses in Hollywood. Best known as Alex Dunphy in the TV series Modern Family, she along the show’s cast mates have won not one, but four Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the talent in acting that made her famous, but also her rather controversial decision to go with a breast reduction surgery back in June. In fact, according to the LA Times, the media are abuzz with stories about such surgery, as if her gesture puts the procedure in a spotlight. Hey, she may be a 17-year-old actor, but we think such things should remain a matter of privacy.

It’s a different thing we were both surprised and happy to see, and it relates to the vehicle she is driving. You see, we found out that Ariel Winter is not just into the boxier SUVs, but it appears she also likes the custom market too.

She bought the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon from a West Coast Customs dealership who advised her to ask for some help from the tuners over at Sherman Oaks, California-based auto shop Sticker City. They’ve wrapped the oh-so-popular 4x4 in Satin black with all the right red accents. There’s a setback to Winter’s new ride, though.

In our experience, when you see a young celebrity buying a G-Wagon, they usually turn into some pop star, with a lot of the reality television people also going for the SUV. The car is one of the greatest big boys on the market, but we can only hope Ariel is not going after the same type of career people like the Kardashians have.


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