Modern Dodge Ram SRT-10 Imagined as Short TRX Sports Truck

Dodge has always been a wild company, making larger-than-life vehicles and equally impressive V8 engine displacements. So you shouldn't be surprised to learn that the Ram TRX is not the first truck of its kind, especially if you've ever lusted after an SRT-10 in the used vehicle ads.
Modern Dodge Ram SRT-10 Imagined as Short TRX Sports Truck 4 photos
Photo: wb.artist20/Instagram
Modern Dodge Ram SRT-10 Imagined as Short TRX Sports TruckModern Dodge Ram SRT-10 Imagined as Short TRX Sports TruckModern Dodge Ram SRT-10 Imagined as Short TRX Sports Truck
We're probably going to enter a pickup truck power war between Chevy, Ram, and Ford. Turbochargers, superchargers, and external reservoir dampers will be thrown into the mix as companies try to make the best Baja buggy for the road. While this isn't the first pickup power war, things were done a little differently the last time.

Taking inspiration from the street racing scene, companies built veritable production hot rods out of their trucks. They had the shortest, lightest bodies fitted with bigger engines and rode low to the ground. By contrast, the TRX and F-150 Raptor are both adventure vehicles and drag racing machines.

But what if the TRX suddenly decided to go back to its roots and be an SRT-10 model? Well, that's the theme of this rendering by wb.artist20, who massaged a TRX into the classic shape of a V10-powered pickup.

That is obviously just for laughs, but we feel that the rendering offers a lot of value; it's not just simple Photoshop at work. The artist got creative in a number of areas; for example, the sides of the bed are completely different, with a widebody look to match the SRT-10.

And the grille at the front has been completely redesigned as well. It's got a black frame around the headlights and more car-like intakes in the bumper. The aim is clearly to make the Ram look more like the current SRT cars, especially the Charger.

The proportions have obviously also been changed. The truck is now a low-riding 2-door with the shortest bed possible, while the rear wing and skinny tires look like they came from a sports car.

It's been a while since the last Viper rolled off the assembly line, and we don't think people are that excited about an all-American supercar engine. The Hellcat supercharged V8 delivers way more power and torque. But what if we could get that massive V10 to have forced induction as well?

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