UPDATE: Modern Lamborghini Countach Rendered, Looks Better Than Most Supercars

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I'm holding four Lamborghinis in my hand (depending on where you live, you too can grab these licensed models in a chocolate egg). One of them is a Countach, with the rest defining the Raging Bull's current lineup: the Huracan (Performante), the Aventador (S) and the Urus. And while the new-age Lambos are awesome, the look of the Countach is unsurprisingly the one that catches my eye.
That's right, I'm one of those aficionados who would take the look of a "golden era" Lamborghini (or Ferrari, for that matter) over the appearance of one found in a showroom any day.

And with Lamborghini having focused on busier designs quite a lot lately, from the active aero of the Performante to all the few-offs based on the Aventador, I feel like there should be at least one model in the range that would truly harness the simplicity of the iconic Sant'Agata Bolognese designs (think: original Miura and Countach).

Sure, the latest Bull on the block, namely the hybrdid Sian, which was penned by Mitja Borkert, borrows quite a lot from its ancestors, as, for instance, the area defining the taillights is a clear nod to the Countach.

But I'm talking about going further with the purification of the design (for instance, Maranello has done this for the Monza SP1/SP2, but those are uber-rare and not exactly practical, so they don't quite count).

For instance, I've brought along a rendering that seems to capture the spirit of the car that got The Wolf of Wall Street from A to B.

Of course, this is a mere sketch, which means it doesn't have to bother with the extra lines that actually define a street car and it can get away with slightly super-sized wheels - here's the difference between the already-manic Aventador SVJ and its official design sketches.

Nevertheless, there's still room for the retro influences to resurface and here's to hoping that Lamborghini, or at least some aftermarket developer makes this happen.

Update:Here's another approach to the concept of an updated Countach, namely a rendering portraying a modernized incarnation of the Italian exotic.

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