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Model Aarika Wolf Makes Can-Am Look Like a Motorcycle For Gods

For us petrol heads there is nothing better than the moment when great vehicles are mixed up with amazing beauty. It might not be an actual four-wheeler, but whenever we find young models riding Can-Ams it’s like the whole world of auto is seriously shaken and the great rules of torque suddenly change.
Model Aarika Wolf Makes Can-Am Look Like The Motorcycle For Gods 1 photo
What is it with this three-wheeler that it became so popular and is already one of celebrities’ beloved toys? T-Pain, Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, Justin Bieber are just a couple examples of this long list we could talk about for hours.

Even though there is no statistic saying that, it would seem Can-Ams are especially popular among ladies. And by all means, we just love seeing beautiful models taking them on the road.

It’s the case of Aarika Wolf. Dark brown hair, green eyes, slim body and an angelic face, the young model literally makes the three-wheeler look like a vehicle designed for the gods. She recently posted an image of her riding an RS-S model along a girlfriend. For some reason we stumbled upon her Instagram and saw it. And you know we always like to share with you guys the goods internet unveils every now and then.

Besides the obvious bite-your-fist hotness alert, we’re wondering if she’s also planning to share some auto photos, because we’re pretty sure will want to see them too. Meanwhile, you could also watch the little clip below in case you’re in the mood for some video footage with her.


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