Modder Brings Mario Kart Tracks to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator vs. Mario Kart mod 6 photos
Photo: Illogicoma
Microsoft Flight Simulator vs. Mario Kart modMicrosoft Flight Simulator vs. Mario Kart modMicrosoft Flight Simulator vs. Mario Kart modMicrosoft Flight Simulator vs. Mario Kart modMicrosoft Flight Simulator vs. Mario Kart mod
Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to surprise fans, this time with some of the mods the community puts into the wild.  Although the next major update is just around the corner, we have something really and fun that you could spend your time with until World Update VI drops on September 7.
What would you say if you could race on a Mario Kart track inside Microsoft Flight Simulator? This might sound wacky, but thanks to modder Illogicoma, this is now a real thing. I know I said that it would be fun to try something like this, but unless you’re a friend of Illogicoma's, you can’t actually test out this mod, at least not at the moment.

However, you’re free to watch a video that shows how he’s racing at the top of Mount Wario through several maps like Bowser’s Castle, Cloudtop Cruise, Moo Moo Meadows, Mute City, Rainbow Road, and Shy Guy Falls.

Thankfully, you’re not just simply flying over these wonderfully recreated tracks. Illogicoma added a twist of his own in the form of rings that you have to fly through. Granted, nothing will happen to your plane if you hit one of the rings since there’s no collision implemented into the mod, but this is still a fun way to spend your time in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Not to mention that if you feel bold, you can go for the orange rings, which are positioned out of the way to offer pilots a little bit of a challenge. Although these are optional, I imagine anyone with a bit of a pilot's ego will want to go through as many as of these as possible.

Hopefully, the mod that brings Mario Kart tracks to Microsoft Flight Simulator becomes available for download soon. In the meantime, watch the video (at 3:26:30) below and give Illogicoma a thumbs up and/or feedback.

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