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Modded 2018 Mustang GT Drag Races Hellcat, Humiliation Is Hard

The fact that the Dodge Challenger Hellcat has an output that starts with a "7" means that the Mopar machine will be one of the favorite targets of tuned car owners who hit the drag strip. And a recent example of the sort comes from a YouTube callout, which brought together the blown Challenger and a 2018 Ford Mustang GT.
Modded 2018 Mustang GT Drag Races Hellcat 5 photos
Modded 2018 Mustang GT Drag Races HellcatModded 2018 Mustang GT Drag Races HellcatModded 2018 Mustang GT Drag Races HellcatModded 2018 Mustang GT Drag Races Hellcat
Sure, the facelifted five-oh is solid, but the stock 'Stang GT doesn't stand a chance against the Hellcat. Well, the Blue Oval machine we have here is far from stock.

To be more precise, the 5.0-liter V8 occupying its engine compartment is still naturally aspirated, but it packs a custom intake, custom headers, as well as an E85 setup. As a result of this gym visit, the motor now delivers 510 horses at the rear wheels, which means its crankshaft output sits at about 580 ponies.

Note that the car is fitted with the ten-speed auto, which is a brilliant choice for sprinting battles. And to put that power down, the Mustang GT uses a pair of drag radials.

We also have to mention that muscle machine comes with a partially stripped-out interior and while the weight saving isn't massive, this can make a difference in the quarter-mile.

As for the Dodge Challenger Hellcat that races the Ford Mustang GT, the vehicle comes in factory condition. And since this is a pre-2019 model, we're talking about 707 horses.

The supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI of the Mopar beast is mated to a six-speed manual. And while this might keep the driver engaged, it certainly doesn't help with the drag racing adventures.

Nevertheless, the piece of footage below allows you to check out the two duking it out on multiple occasions, with the Hellcat being used as a camera car for the video we have here.

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