Mitt Romney Now Drives an Audi Q7

He was all for creating local jobs, all against selling out and of course, all against Obama’s EVs and hybrids. But now that the elections are over and he’s lost convincingly, MItt Romney rolled out the German luxury.
Mitt Romney 1 photo
Romney decided the ideal car to take to the gym and back was the biggest German vehicle around, the Q7 SUV. One of these can set you back from $47,000. But a top of the line 3.0 TDI Prestige starts at about $65,000.

Still this is only the consolation prize, considering Obama has Air Force one and a fleet of armored cars at his disposal. The White House has its own gym, so he doesn’t even need to get into a car to get to it.

On the other hand, we find ourselves in the position where we never take sides. Therefore, we should also say that Romney wasn’t just a political person, having been running quite a long career in business.

As a matter of fact, that is also where the big money came from, considering Obama’s former competition and his wife have a net worth of between $190 and $250 million. Most of that wealth has been held in blind trusts since 2003, some of it offshore.

Sure, he drives a Q7 to the gym because, let’s face it he can afford it, but he also is a caring person. In 2010, for example, Romney and his wife gave $1.5 million to the church. As a matter of fact, it appears that what the two have been donating about 14 percent of their income between 1990 and 2010 for various organizations, including some that fight diseases.

Yes, being a politician quite often comes with a lot of controversies, but it doesn't seem that the person in question is trying to hide anything from his voters. Feel free to prove the different.

Story via Celebrity Cars Blog


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