Mitsubishi Asks West Coast Customs To Recreate Its First Car With Modern Tech

Mitsubishi has had a rough run these past few years, but the company is now under new ownership and hopes to move on from its troubles.
1917 Mitsubishi Model A 1 photo
Fans of the three-diamond brand may not find another Lancer Evolution in showrooms again, but they will have reason to celebrate this year. In case you did not know, the Japanese brand is marking its centennial anniversary in 2017, which is a notable event for any company.

Staying in business for a century, in a world that has gone through so much over that period is tough, but several automakers have already celebrated this kind of feat.

Mitsubishi is lucky enough to get to throw a party, even though last year holds the stigma of a cheating scandal that had been going on since the 1990s.

Instead of offering a limited run of the Lancer Evolution, which would have become instantly collectible, but might have upset a few clients of the last edition of the performance sedan, Mitsubishi had something else in mind.

The Japanese brand commissioned West Coast Customs to recreate its first ever car with modern technology. You may not have heard about the first car made by the three-diamond brand, but it was called the Model A, and it was launched back in 1917.

Only 22 units were made, but it remains a landmark in the history of the Country of the Rising Sun because it was the first series of mass-produced vehicles.

In 2017, the company will celebrate this anniversary with a custom car based on the Outlander PHEV.

You may be wondering how a plug-in hybrid SUV from 2017 would look if were turned into something built 100 years ago, but the trick is that it will be utilized as a platform donor. From there, West Coast Customs will handle the rest to make the vehicle into a recreation of its ancestor.

The build will be filmed, and it will air on the Velocity network on Tuesdays, at 9 PM PDT/EDT. You should see the completed vehicle this summer, complete with the latest technologies employed by the corporation.

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