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Miniature 45cc Model V8 With Fuel Injection: Art and Engineering

Have you noticed how anything smaller is instantly much cooler- rice sculpture, intricate model cars and those tiny pencil end carvings. But if you're a petrolhead, that all fades in comparison with this, a really small engine.
Miniature 45cc V8 1 photo
Now, it might not be the smallest engine we've ever seen, but it's one of the most intricate for this side.

The displacement is 45cc, about the same as some scooters, but the intricacy is simply the best. For starters, it's got electric fuel injection, followed by an electric starter motor, timing belts, cams alloy block, chrome exhaust and is hooked up to a computer that monitors revs, temperature and other parameters.

This is what we want for christmas:

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