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MINI Sedan Rendering Is So Wrong!

Leave it to master renderer Theophilus Chin to bring to life the best and the worst ideas ever to travel through someone’s head. His latest attempt was done surrounding a rumor Autoblog launched back in 2012, that MINI was looking into making a 4-door sedan in the near future.
MINI sedan rendering 3 photos
MINI Sedan RenderingMINI Sedan Rendering
Of course, over time people relaxed and MINI dropped the idea but that was all it took to set people’s imagination loose and make them create stuff that, for now, sound and seem ludicrous.

You think I’m being too harsh? Take a look at the renderings posted below and tell me they don’t look absolutely hideous! The hardtop was changed so that it receives a boot and, in the process, lost almost everything that makes it a MINI.

Sure, looking at it from the front you wouldn’t guess what monstrosities are happening at the back but as soon as you move your head to the side, the terror grabs a hold of you.

I understand the ever changing line-up of both MINI and BMW as they have to adapt to the requirements of the market and please everyone but if they ever want to go this way, this is not how it should be done.

With the President of MINI claiming that the company should move its design studios to the UK, the changes in styling might help them out if they greenlight this kind of a car. If a sedan will ever show up, it should have its own identity from the get go, with some MINI cues here and there. What do you think?


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