MINI Rocketman and BMW i1 Expected by 2020

As you might’ve noticed, the current MINI lineup has grown in size. Most people complained about it and a lot of them are also right to do so. The initial plans of Sir Alec Issigonis seem to be going down the drain under BMW’s leadership but it’s only going to get worse before getting better.
BMW i1 Rendering 1 photo
A while ago we were telling you that the MINI Rocketman concept might actually go into production later on. As it turns out, more sources inside Munich seem to claim the same thing, also offering an explanation to the ever increasing size of the MINI range.

The upcoming MINI model, the Mk. 4 version, will be going even bigger. The hardtop will migrate to the C-Segment, leaving room for a smaller, city-car to show up in the range. The Rocketman, ladies and gentlemen, will be coming alive.

Of course, don’t expect the new car to be exactly as the concept but some ideas will be used on the production car. The focus here will be to offer an extremely small, light and comfortable car for in-town usage.

That will push the UKL platform to its limits as it’s not yet known if it will support such small cars. Furthermore, usage of CFRP on such a model (that’s also supposed to be relatively cheap) is yet unknown. Recent reports claim that the cost for CFRP and other carbon fiber derived materials will go down by 90 percent in the next few years but we still have to wait and see if they pan out.

Of course, the engines will remain small enough to make sense using them inside crowded cities where pollution is a problem. At the same time, electrification is a must but might be challenging due to the size of the car but also because the company will want to offer a Cooper S model that would have a better suspension setup and all other tidbits.

The BMW i1

What can’t be used on the MINI Rocketman due to pricing restraints will be incorporated on the upcoming BMW i1. The i1 will be the German alternative to the Oxford-built MINI. It will have a similar, compact size and will aim at roughly the same class.

However, as the name suggests, this one will be completely electric while the Rocketman will be a hybrid most likely. At the same time, it will be using CFRP and Organic LED technology to make everything even lighter.

In this case though, the pricing won’t be such an issue as BMW can and will sell this thing with a premium price tag that will be superior to the one for the MINI.

What about the rest of the MINI lineup?

Contrary to early reports, the slow sales of the MINI Paceman didn’t condemn it to be pulled out of production after this generation. As it turns out, there will be an Mk2 model coming out but it will change its positioning in the lineup.

It will still be a Sport Activity Coupe but will have 5 doors, with the handles for the rear ones integrated in the C-Pillar, to give it a more Coupe-like feel. At the same time, the BMW X2 will be sharing its platform but this one will be a 3-door version, with a hatch around the back.

Moreover, the MINI Clubman will share its platform with the 2 Series Gran Tourer, a new model from BMW that wants to combine the 2 Series Active Tourer with the 2 Series Coupe. It’s going to be a smaller version of the 3 Series GT. The 2 Series Gran Tourer will be making its worldwide debut in concept guise at the Geneva Motor Show, next spring while the production Clubman will go on stage in Frankfurt in September.
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