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MINI Pranks Customer: Dancing Bear in Countryman Trunk

Let’s see now, if MINI USA wants to sell you a Cooper hatch, they’ll use the “Win Small” slogan, but what do they do with Countryman. That’s not small, is it?
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We guess they can just throw in a free T-shirt and that’s it. So there you are, in the MINI showroom, ready to take the Countryman for a ride. The dealer leaves you alone for one second when... a bear comes out of the trunk and starts busting out all of his coolest moves.

Yeah, you’re on candid camera, and the staff is acting all normal because they are in on it. This is the first prank filmed for the “Not Normal” campaign.

So are you ready now to dish out that $27,000 plus extras for the Countryman Cooper S. No, it’s enough to convince anybody that MINI is not a normal brand. Conformists beware!

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