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MINI JCW by Krumm-Performance Has 300 HP

When MINI came out with the most recent Hardtop in John Cooper Works guise, some people were rather disappointed by the specs. Not because the car won’t be fun to drive but mostly because of all this hype created around numbers these days.
MINI JCW by Krumm-Performance 9 photos
MINI JCW by Krumm-PerformanceMINI JCW by Krumm-PerformanceMINI JCW by Krumm-PerformanceMINI JCW by Krumm-PerformanceMINI JCW by Krumm-PerformanceMINI JCW by Krumm-PerformanceMINI JCW by Krumm-PerformanceMINI JCW by Krumm-Performance
In comparison to its main rival, the Audi S1, the JCW MINI is down on torque and in regards to the straight-up 0-100 km/h (62 mph) sprint. The differences are minuscule but still, they exist, and in the mind of some, they will be the defining factor when it comes to the buying decision.

Well, since the new MINI has a 2-liter petrol engine under the bonnet the tuning potential of the car has been increased accordingly. The guys from Krumm-Performance are overlooking the new model for now though and are still focused on the 1.6-liter engine of the preivous model.

The 4-cylinder mill was taken up from 218 HP to 300 HP in their Stage III setup, with 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque to go along with those ponies. In order to achieve these monstrous numbers for a hot hatch, the German tuner installed a hybrid turbo (compressor gap optimized and enlarged, bigger turbine, CNC finished termination assemblies, high-speed precision balanced and reinforced motorsport bearings set), new heat shields, new exhaust from Akrapovic and a new intercooler.

That’s if we’re to keep it short and simple. However, there were other add-ons included as well as this is a Stage III upgrade after all. The spark plugs also had to be changed, for example, along with the ECU that was flashed to offer better performance as well.

The extra grunt and torque will also take a toll on the clutch and the gearbox, and that’s why those had to be reinforced as well. Krumm-Performance went for a Sachs racing clutch with sinter pads and a single-mass flywheel.

Of course, the improvements done to the engine and gearbox will help out in drag races the most but how about a technical course? Well, for better performance on a track as well, new brakes can be fitted to your car, courtesy of AP-Racing. Their system for the MINI is made up of 4-piston calipers, 330x32 mm discs and PFC 01 brake pads with steel tubes.

Last but not least, the suspension can be adjusted via KW-Clubsport 2-way dampers and coil overs as well as new bushings. What’s the pricing on all of this stuff, you ask? Well, luckily you can opt for each one of these features individually.

The engine upgrade costs €4,999 ($5,700), the gearbox and clutch upgrade costs €3,770 ($4,299), the brakes are €3,300 ($3,764) while the suspension will set you back €2,550 ($2,900). Altogether, it adds up to €14,619 ($16,670) which is quite steep to be perfectly honest. However, looking at what you’re getting, from the enthusiast’s point of view, it might make sense.

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