Mind-Boggling Solar Glamping Gear Costs You No More Than $2,450 and a Dash of Patience

When you're out there in the wild, living off the land, you'll find there's a whole bunch of gear that you may need to live within certain parameters. Heck, you'll want a place to prepare meals, keep drinks cool, and for it to not cost you anything more than a little bit of cash, patience, and the power of the sun.
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That's basically the idea behind GoSun's Grid; to be a one-stop shop for all your portable glamping needs. You may have heard of GoSun before, as we've featured some of their work. If you're not aware of who they are or what they have to offer your adventurous lifestyle, then this presentation about the Grid should be more than enough to give you a clear understanding of what they're all about.

GoSun is made up of a team of designers, engineers, and folks looking to make a difference in the world, in the process, running a company that focuses on bringing eco-friendly solutions to people all around the world. If I wasn't clear enough earlier, everything we'll be talking about today operates on nothing but the sun's power, hence the company name.

Now, this manufacturer sells every component you find in this package separately, but the Grid bundles everything into one place. This includes their cooker, portable fridge, power bank, and even a table with integrated solar panels, the latter of which I find rather genius. Why pool all these products together? Simple: to ensure you don't go anywhere else for your glamping need and ensure your products work perfectly fine with one another.

Power Bank
Photo: GoSun
To understand what's happening here, let's take a little trip into an extended weekend, living the life with the Grid at your disposal. First off, you'll find that you won't need to modify your vehicle in any way so that you can bring this gear along; it's designed to be compact.

Let's say you get an early start to the day and start driving before the sun is on the horizon. Destination? That campsite you scoped out months ago. Once there, you should be able to have everything unloaded and ready to go in a matter of minutes. With your camper in the background and campsite ready, all you have to do now is hang out until the sun breaks the tree line.

With the sun overhead, you start preparing breakfast on the portable solar table while it starts processing precious energy and refills your power pack, that handheld grey box with outlets and voltmeter on it. While the pack charges, you fill the solar cooker with some veggies, sausage links, or whatever else you'd like and watch the magic unfold. This equipment has also been covered by the autoevolution team before; it cooks your food by concentrating the sun's rays onto a central tube with a parabolic effect.

Solar Cooker
Photo: GoSun
Then there's the fridge/freezer combo. Looking closer at what GoSun is offering here, I noticed that there were no solar panels on this piece of glamping equipment. While it seems that the power bank will be recharging this machine, there is an optional solar panel dedicated solely to this cooling system. In this case, that table I mentioned will do just fine.

While it may seem like that's all you need to live off-grid, GoSun decided to go a bit further and include an array of extras. Lighting fixtures, heated flooring pads/blankets, coffee/tea brewing pot, and a water filtration kit that's vital no matter where you are in the world are part of the mix. There's an additional portable battery for devices too.

So, how much is all of this going to run you? Well, the lowest price I was able to find was on GoSun's own page, cutting out the middleman and all, and I was surprised to see all this running for €2,300 ($2,450 at current exchange rates). That's all you need to take your mobile adventures to the next level.
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