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Millionaire Ice-T Relates to Every Driver’s Pain, Says He Was Robbed at the Gas Station

You know things are bad when even millionaires are complaining about how bad they are. Not that any driver in the U.S. or in most European countries needed reminding, but gas prices are at an all-time high right now. And even Ice-T is feeling the pinch.
Rapper Ice-T says he was "robbed" at a gas station by pump number 9 8 photos
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Some hours ago, rapper, actor, producer, and entrepreneur Ice-T took to his Twitter to share a message about how he got robbed at a gas station. It starts out like an actual robbery story, about how his hands wouldn’t stop shaking after it happened, and how he was only able to call the cops after they did.

“They were quick to respond and calmed me down..... My money is gone..,” the rapper writes on social media. But there’s a twist: “The police asked me if I knew who did it..I said yes.. it was pump number 9…”

So Ice-T, a ‘90s staple on the hip hop scene and an established actor in his own right, an entrepreneur whose net worth is estimated at $60 million as of 2022, is feeling robbed whenever he has to drive to the gas station to fill up. That’s a feeling to which most of us can relate these days, so no wonder his tweet immediately went viral.

Responses to it range from the usual comments that blame the hiking prices on corporatist greed (an opinion seconded by the former Secretary of Labor and current professor at the University of California, Berkeley, Robert Reich), to jokes about choosing alternative means of transport like witches’ brooms, honest words of advice to switch to electric or bicycles, and the occasional snark about how a millionaire is making a joke out of regular peoples’ gas trouble. In short, it has generated similar conversations to what we’ve been hearing for days now.

Less relevant to the discussion of the soaring gas prices but more to the point is one comment (see below) that points out that Ice-T didn’t really come up with this robbery message. It’s actually been circulating online for the past few days. If Ice-T is feeling the pinch, he’s using another person’s almost exact to let it be known. We, regular folk, are all alone in our misery about high gas prices, after all.

Editor's note: Pictures in the gallery shows various fuel pumps with prices that were accurate at the time they were taken.


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