Millionaire Carjacking Boss Goes to Jail

You can easily get rich and buy a luxury home with large plasma TVs in every room  after stealing dozens of cars, but once you get caught the only landscape you'll see will be the jail bars.

As The Daily Mail reports, this is exactly what's going to happen to Ringleader Nokhiaz Khan, age 31, head of a violent gang who stole and re-stole dozens of vehicles.

The gang was composed of  Michael Kellman, 40, Sonny Sian, 22, along with brothers Paul Pepper, 30, and Wayne Francis, 25 and the boss  Nokhiaz Khan. The last one pleaded guilty of having stolen no less than 37 cars and the others admitted involvement in the carjacking between January 2004 and December 2007.

The carjackers used a sophisticated scam to target middle-class families. The gang's main victims were lone vulnerable women whose cars were stolen and then sold through magazines only to be restolen again. This way, the carjackers made £1.2million from the cars' initial value of £342,000.

Before selling the stolen vehicles through car magazines, they gave them fake service histories and license plates in order to fool the potential buyers. As if stealing the vehicles once wasn't already enough, the carjackers used the address given to them by the buyer for DVLA registration documents so that they could steal again the cars. As amazing as it may seem, one was stolen and resold six times after.

They went even farther than this: once they stole a car from its new owner's driveway right the night it was bought.

Some of the victims spoke about their terrifying experiences. Student Claudia Hollwey, now 19, said: 'I saw two men in hoods leaning in through our front door. I shouted at them to stop, and one of them said, "Get the gun."

'They grabbed the keys of my mother's Toyota Yaris and screeched down the driveway. The next we heard it was bought by someone in Birmingham,” she added.

Yet, unfortunately for the big boss from now on, he'll only be stealing cars in his dreams while he lies on his cold cell bed.
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