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Milka Chocolate-Themed Ferrari 458 Speciale with Fi Exhaust Has Deafening Scream

Whether we're talking about retro or brand-spanking-new rides, the world of supercars delivers such a wide range of aural pleasures that it's almost difficult to keep track of all the voices. Nevertheless, a Ferrari's high-pitched scream will always trigger a reflex reaction, but even so, some Prancing Horses are more... Speciale than others.
Milka Chocolate-Themed Ferrari 458 Speciale 1 photo
As you've figured out by now, we're here to talk about the 458's swansong. As if the Italian temptress weren't memorable enough on its own, the example we want to show you today has been customized in a way that appeals to most of our senses.

For starters, the wrap on the supercar might turn this into a mobile billboard for a custom wheel company, but the first thing that came to our minds when seeing the colors and the font used was another guilty pleasure, namely Milka chocolate.

Now that we've covered the visual and tasting bits of the supercar, we'll move on to the extreme aural pleasures it can deliver. Churning out 605 hp, the 4,497cc V8 at the center of the 458 Speciale has the greatest specific power output (naturally aspirated) in the world. Oh, and let's not forget that 9,000 rpm rev limit.

Well, this Ferrari has been gifted with an Fi exhaust. The tuning hardware allows the atmospheric engine, which, by the way, is the last of its kind, since Maranello has returned to twin-turbo V8s now, to fully express its feelings and emotions.

As a result, this Fezza will deliver one eargasm after another. And to make the most out of the experience, supercar spotter Marchettino flogs the Prancing Horse in the tunnels around Monaco - as you'll notice, the man gets high on the soundtrack, but having experienced a "standard" 458 Speciale, we totally get it.

As it sometimes happens with ceramic brakes, using the pedal on the left makes the supercar's brakes squeak quite a lot, but imagining a racing scenario will make you get over this with relative ease.

P.S.: If you're wondering whether this is the Speciale that got its windshield broken due to the hood being left open, the answer is "yes."

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