Military-Inspired D Shield Can Protect Your Bike in the Parking Lot

D Shield can effortlessly be attached to any bike or scooter 11 photos
Photo: Viktor Bazarov and Roman Solomatov
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D Shield is a safety device that puts an invisible bubble around your motorcycle or scooter and will sound an alarm if a vehicle gets too close to it. Of course, it is not a 100% safe method of keeping your bike free from being bumped into, as the boundaries of human ignorance are yet to be defined, but it is way much better than no protection at all.
Returning to your bike and seeing it flipped over in the parking lot is one of the most frustrating mishaps for a rider, especially where there are no surveillance cameras around and you can't track down the culprit.

When it comes to people who want to damage a motorcycle by intentionally flipping it to the ground, it's hard to say that an alarm would deter them, safe for it going off when others are around. However, hearing a loud honk when moving in reverse has good odds to make them check their surroundings prior to proceeding.

The D Shield uses the Doppler effect to detect an object moving towards the bike it is installed on. Basically, it will be able to figure out that an impact is imminent and trigger an alarm that, in most cases will cause the unaware driver to stop before hitting your bike.

Simple installation, wireless remote operation

The D Shield works in all directions, regardless of where you install it on the bike. And speaking about installing it, the D Shield can be affixed to any flat surface with double-adhesive tape, magnets, or tethered to the bike with a steel wire and a pin. Activating and deactivating is done by means of a wireless remote control, making stealing the device "just for the fun of it" also a non-option.

Small and inconspicuous, the D Shield easily fits in your palm, making installing it a really easy task. The creators have prototyped the first version and are looking for D-Shield backers on Kickstarter. Early bird customers can get the D Shield for $71-79 (€64-71).

We are still in need of more info as to the battery life, how to recharge it and so on. Given the fact that the D Shield is waterproof, wireless charging could be a most interesting idea, too. No idea on what the final production price tag will be, but as far as the technology used goes, you can rest assured it is safe for civil use, despite its military use origins.

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