"Military-Grade" Tvan Camper Is Now Available in the U.S., and It's All Thanks to XGRiD

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If you're the sort of person that loves to explore the world in a camper or RV, then you know darn well where to find the most capable travel trailers around, in Australia. But where does that leave Americans like you and me? Well, let's see how XGRiD Campers are helping us solve a longstanding problem.
Considering that most of what we find in Aussieland is basically trying to kill you, you know darn well they know how to build campers designed to keep you alive in the bush. However, most Americans have no chance of getting their hands on such a camper. Why? Well, for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost is the fact that shipping an Australian camper to the U.S. is a very costly venture. Heck, I shipped my Grand Cherokee from New York to Europe, and I ended up paying somewhere along the lines of $6,500. Not to mention having to wait over two months for my baby to arrive. Secondly, the United States has been influenced by a different trend in off-grid and on-road living, one that doesn't necessarily require that your mobile habitat be bulletproof. After all, America is a pretty chill place in terms of weather and deadly wildlife compared to the land down under.

Still, this doesn't stop folks like you and me from wanting to get their hands on some of the most capable campers in the world, and so, those folks I mentioned at the beginning, XGRiD Campers, a crew operating out of Las Vegas, Nevada, have opened up a direct collaboration with a major Australian camper manufacturer, Track. Yes, Americans can now get their hands on one of Australia's most notoriously capable campers, the friggin Tvan, and it's all thanks to XGRiD Campers. Let's dive deeper and see what we can get our hands on and how much of a premium is added for this luxury.

Suppose the name Track sounds familiar to you. If that's the case, it's because I've covered their works extensively while at autoevolution, and may I say, we should be honored to have their definitive presence on American soil. Why? Well, the Tvan - definitely not a van – is a camper that likes to nestle itself into whatever terrains you're trekking through and simply makes itself at home. It does so by being equipped with a military-grade suspension – Track used to build military trailers - and more off-grid features than I could ever cover in just one article.

Photo: Track
Aside from the suspension I mentioned, a few other big-ticket items we can look forward to are a complete REDARC RedVision electrical system, fully integrated with 120 watts of solar processing power, a stunning outdoor kitchen set up to function on several slide-outs, and more storage bays than you can shake a stick at.

Then, there's the habitat itself, built like a dang tank, with an interior accessible via a hatch at the rear, similar to the way a teardrop works, minus the galley. Best of all, you can integrate a tent annex into the darned thing and expand this camper's capabilities. Do take the time to explore it in more detail.

As for the biggest question on our minds: how much is access to this bugger going to run us? Well, let me start off by talking a bit about what's happened with the price of a Tvan in recent years, or most campers and RVs, for that matter. That way, you can understand a bit more about the industry and what's happening with it.

When I first covered the Tvan in 2022, I could find select units for around $45,000 (USD or €42,000 at current exchange rates). However, that was after 2020, when shifts in industries worldwide caused the price for raw materials to rise by around 30%, a jump clearly reflected upon the eventual owner of a unit. After all, companies must maintain profit margins, even growing them in the long run. Before that, these buggers may have come across as dirt cheap to interested buyers, and honestly, I wouldn't have minded dropping at least another $5,000 (USD) on shipping.

Photo: Track
With this in mind, my research into this movement and how it may affect your Tvan purchase is, how do I say this, discouraging? Yeah, that's a good word for it. I found turnkey options priced around $90,000 (AUD) or more. That's the equivalent of around $64,000 (USD or €59,500) for a travel trailer, which could prove to be a "no, thank you" point for most Americans. Luckily, this was the price for a variation of the Tvan dubbed the Zenith, an anniversary model and one of the more equipped units available. Packages like the Tanami or Inspire, if ever available in the U.S., are sure to cost less, typically starting at $45,000 (USD) if purchased from Aussieland distributors.

This I really where XGRiD comes in; you cannot buy directly from Track. If the idea of heading out to Australia, buying a camper, and shipping it back to the U.S. sounds like the thing to do, don't! Why? Well, some outdoor lovers don't realize that habitats designed for America are not the same as the ones in Australia, or any other country for that matter. This means that you can't just go out there, grab your camper, ship it home, and hit the road. Most of that has to do with highway safety and regulations, but even design and electrical setups differ.

And this is why a team such as XGRiD is essential in helping Americans access foreign machines tuned to domestic environments. What I mean to say is that XGRiD ensures that the habitat you order is a true turnkey unit from all aspects of the experience. You won't be stopped by local law enforcement because your overlander seems a bit off from the norm, nor will you have any issues running systems without starting fires in a local campground or out in the wild.

This brings me to my last and final point in this venture: what is XGRiD's benefit in all this? If you guessed money, you're probably right; they are a business. But my discussions with XGRiD revealed that it's passion that drives this business. Sure, the members that make up this team must eat, too, but expect a business that's already seeing return customers, and that says something.

Does the Tvan sound like something up your alley? Give good ol' XGRiD a call and find out exactly what to expect; pre-orders for these puppies are now open on the distributor's website.
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Editor's note: Modifications to the text have been made post-publishing to offer more accurate information regarding a Track trailer acquisition.

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