Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates or How Not to Act as a Rider

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Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates is a romantic comedy that premieres tomorrow (July 8) and the reason why we bring this upon you is that we could not help feeling bitterly amused by the presence of ATV stunts in the script.
Now, looking back to pretty much all the motorcycle movies made in the recent decade or so, only a few of these managed to steer clear of ridicule. Watching the ATV scene after the jump makes us understand that it's no use talking about the old-school jewels, such as Top Secret, Mad Max, or Easy Rider, or the recent Sons of Anarchy TV series that took the world by storm.

It never ceases to puzzle us why filmmakers agree to insert motorcycle and ATV scenes that look so outrageously fake and silly. Some may say that it's a comedy and the laughs are more important than the "motorcycling accuracy."

Well, Dumb and Dumber was also a comedy and the scooter ride looked far more authentic than everything these people do in Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates. It's not the time, but the list of motorcycling scenes that look decent could go on for quite a long time.

If you can bear to watch (or skip, for that matter) the ATV scenes in Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates and feel like you can dedicate 1 hour and 40 minutes to such cheesy things, be our guests.

The plot sounds like fun, and we're positive that such a movie could even be great if actors with better skills or a better director would be involved in its making.

Having two brothers (impersonated by Zac Efron and Adam Devine) posting an online ad seeking dates for a wedding and that ad going viral is, undoubtedly, a good story that can lead to a nice movie. We're not at all sure if we want to watch Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates; the fear that the entire movie could be as demotivational as the ATV scenes is just too big.

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