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Mid-Engined Toyota Supra Looks Like a Porsche Cayman Killer

Dear Porsche, we are tired of your prices. Not everybody has time to go through medical school and become a plastic surgeon just to spend $200,000 on a 911 sports car. Also, Toyota, please bring back the MR2 and teach them a lesson!
Mid-Engined Toyota Supra Looks Like a Porsche Cayman Killer 1 photo
The C8 Corvette has reminded us just how special it can be to have a mid-engined car. Sure, a lot can go wrong with it, but frequent breakdowns are part of the fun. Unless Toyota makes that sports car, in which case it will be as reliable as a Nokia 3310.

With the Corvette on the market, the Porsche Cayman and Boxster suddenly don't seem that special, at least when it comes to the base models. A Cayman GT4 is still the closest thing to a car sent by the gods. But even with the 4-liter flat-six, we're not sure it's worth the $100,000 asking price.

We couldn't find more recent numbers, but in 2018, Porsche sold something like 3,200 units of the Cayman and another 2,100 Boxsters in America. That's still no reason for Toyota to consider a rival, so renderings like this one will have to suffice.

Artist superrenderscars has matched the bold styling of the Toyota Supra to a mid-engined body that probably belongs to the GT4. This conversation needs to include BMW somewhere. Not only is the German automaker responsible for the existence of the new Supra, but its own Z4 has long competed against Porsche (and failed).

The mid-engined layout obviously reminds us of the MR2, Toyota's tiny midship toy. It had a few flaws, like a tendency to spin or water on the engine deck causing problems. But overall, it's no Pontiac Fiero, and it's safe to say people would love to see another one.

The latest print issue of the Japanese magazine Best Car Web does appear to show a mid-engine Toyota sports car. But it's not the time for breath-holding just yet.


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