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Mid-Engined Nissan GT-R Rendered, Looks Like a Japanese Ford GT

"Why on Earth would anybody want to thow the Nissan GT-R and the Ford GT into a pot together?" one might rightfully ask. Well, since the Japanese automotive producer still hasn't delivered any clues on the next-gen Godzilla, the Internet has gone made and is now coming up with renderings of the sort.
Mid-Engined Nissan GT-R Rendered 1 photo
For instance, the pixel play we have here portrays a mid-engined GT-R, while the rendering makes no secret out of the fact that the second incarnation of the Ford GT was used as a base.

Nevertheless, you should make sure to use the swipe feature of the social media post below, since this shows both the front and the back end of the said mashup.

Heck, this is far from the first time when we come across a rendering that portrays a mid-engined Nissan GT-R that's visibly based on another supercar, with this Ferrari pixel adventure being an example as good as any.

Come to think of it, the idea of a mid-engined GT-R doesn't sound absurd. For one thing, Nissan has pushed the GT-R upmarket over the years. So while the toy debuted with a price of well below $100,000 back in 2007, going for the range-topping Nismo will take you north of the $200,000 border for the 2020 model year, albeit with the list of upgrades separating the two being uber-solid.

It's worth noting that while the Japanese automotive producer hasn't delivered any clues on the next-gen GT-R, the company has assured us the badge has a future. Who knows - perhaps the Japanese beast will morph into a hybrid, which would allow it to hunt down the ever-increasing number of hybrid beasts coming from names such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche.

Nissan has said the same thing about the Z car (the 370Z is just as much of a senior as the GT-R), but this is another story for another time.


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