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Mid-Engined GT-R Rendered as the Supercar Nissan Never Built

With the R35 generation of the Nissan GT-R preparing to retire, we can't help but think about what lies ahead for the Japanese automaker's halo machine. And with the current Godzilla iteration having turned the thing into a proper supercar, the next-gen model has quite some shoes to fill.
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While no prototypes for the supposed R36 GT-R have been spotted so far, the rumor mill talks about hybridization, with dreamers thinking of a futuristic squared design concealing gas-electric power that can rival Italy and Germany's finest on the racetrack.

Nevertheless, we are here for a different purpose, namely to bring you the idea of a supercar we don't expect Nissan to build too soon. We're referring to a mid-engined GT-R.

And we've brought along a rendering that portrays just how awesome a mid-engined Godzilla would look like. This pixel play comes from digital art label Rain Prisk, which used to have a thing for shooting brake machines based on supercars (here's an Acura NSX example for you),

Note that while most of the actual R35 lines are still here, the changes dictated by the new layout aren't limited to the roofline. For one thing, the supercar now packs a set of air intakes sitting just after the rear side windows.

And yes, the hue of the car, which reminds us of Porsche's Ruby Star, does help with drawing attention.

All this mid-engined talk has reminded us that Nissan itself tried to build a world in which its lineup would be dominated by a mid-engined Ferrari killer (actually, it would've been more of an NSX rival) - you'll find such a prototype in the video below.

We're talking about the MID4, a series of prototypes that came to the world before the R32 generation of the GT-R was born. Alas, the project never made it to the showroom, so we must resort to renderings when discussing such matters.

However, the four-seater layout that brings the GT-R its Grand Tourer credentials would best be left untouched, even though we wouldn't mind seeing Nissan welcoming a second supercar to its range.

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