Mid-Engined Dodge Viper Would Be the Purest American Supercar

The C8 Corvette may have the layout of a Lamborghini, but it doesn't deserve to be called the first American supercar. Ignoring the Ford GT for a moment, we're going to call up the Dodge Viper.
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Photo: chopping_pixels
The Viper was a lot like a supercar too. Not one of those super-safe Lambos with AWD and launch control. No, like a classic manual supercar that tries to kill you all the time.

A massive engine, claustrophobic interior, overheating exhaust and being built largely by hand - these are all things that made the Viper super. Plus, it didn't pretend to be cheap, unlike the C8 Corvette. But there's one thing that sets it completely apart from an Italian exotic: the shape, best described as phallic or snake-like.

Renowned “car czar” and the blunt-talking executive Bob Lutz wanted a 2-seat sports car in the spirit of the Jaguar E-Type and Shelby Cobra. That's why you can't imagine a Viper without the insanely long hood.

However, mid-engined cars are trending right now, and digital artist chopping_pixels is on a mission to transform every one of your favorite desktop wallpapers. After the Camaro and Mustang, we now have a mid-engined Dodge Viper rendering, obviously based on the 5th gen model that went out of production several years ago.

It's quite difficult to imagine a mid-engined Viper. The 8.something-liter V10 is almost three feet long on its own. Chrysler owned Lamborghini until 1994, and they called upon their know-how to transform what was originally a truck engine into something worthy of a lightweight performance car.

The shape of this rendering kind of reminds us of some rare or forgotten American supercars, like the Mosler, the SSC Ultimate Aero or the Saleen S7. However, considering the first Viper didn't have any roof, we'd prefer to see this mid-engined interpretation as a Targa-style roadster instead.

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