Michelin Announces Breakthrough 2AT Bias-Radial Motorcycle Tires

Michelin announces the latest addition to its motorcycle tire line-up, the 2AT-based “Frankentires”. 2AT stands for Dual Angle Technology, and it represents the most advanced motorcycle tire paradigm in the GT bikes segment. Long story short, you get a tire which combines bias-ply design with the radial technology and the belt center line, all in one single package which is expected to outperform the competition.
Michelin 2AT Bias-Radial Motorcycle Tire 1 photo
The 2AT tires came as an answer to the increased weight and power of the modern GT bikes which are putting more stress on the tires. Michelin’s innovation manages to brings the best of all words together in a multi-purpose tire which provides great response to heavy loads, flexes to add riding comfort while at the same time provides excellent stability at high speed.

The base ply is a radial-type one, with the treads aligned at almost 90 degrees to the road direction. This layer ensures that the walls are flexible and highly capable to smooth out road unevenness even before the suspension kicks in. On top of this layer sits a bias ply one: narrower and covering the crown of the tire, it provides excellent support for heavy weights, ensuring stability and good handling even under serious two-up and luggage loads.

Finally, a belt ply is positioned on top of the first two layers, bringing in the high-speed stability factor. With most modern GT and sport-touring bikes being able to reach very high speeds, the sport tire-derived belt ply makes sure fast highway hauls are safe and enjoyable.

Michelin’s 2AT provides a great new choice which could eliminate the long pondering between going for the bias-ply or the radial tires. Sizes, fitment and price are all expected later.



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