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Michelin and ATS Euromaster Begin 'Under-Inflated' Campaign

Michelin proved to us in the past that an under-inflated tire will react badly in case of emergency braking, it will increase the fuel consumption and soon enough it will destroy the tire.
Michelin Tire Campaign 1 photo
Michelin and ATS are teaming up with Eurotunnel in this campaign, all to ensure that all the motorists on the road will get home safe and sound. The Michelin “Fill up with Air” campaign will offer free tire inspection and pieces of advice. A team of seven specialists will inspect the tires for any potential safety hazards.

Michelin’s representatives consider that every driver should check their tires at least once a month or before any long journey. The campaign is designed to educate motorists about how dangerous damaged or poorly maintained tires can be to road safety.

Michelin’s campaign first visit was at Eurotunnel Le Shuttle during summer 2006 and they returned annually ever since.

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