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Michael "Astronaut" Strahan Gives Us a Glimpse of His Blue Origin Space Trip

Michael Strahan can now add “space traveler” to his resume, and no one would say otherwise. After a short delay in takeoff, his short space trip finally took place over the weekend, and he shared a small glimpse of what it’s like, calling it “surreal.”
Michael Strahan Blue Origin 8 photos
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The third human flight the New Shepard rocket has taken included Good Morning America co-host, Laura Shephard Churchley, and four other paying customers. Initially slated to blast off on December 9, the flight was delayed due to high winds.

So, the new launch day was December 11, and it was a great moment for former NFL player Michael Strahan. In a new video posted after he returned to Earth, he could barely hold his excitement, smiling wide at the camera. He shared it was “surreal” and “unbelievable,” as most people would expect. This is the closest thing we have to space travel, and it’s exciting. As he shares that he needs time to process what happened, he also adds his new name is now Michael “Astronaut” Strahan. Some real astronauts could argue there.

In a different video posted on his Instagram account, the GMA co-host gives us a glimpse of everything that happened during the short space trip, including Jeff Bezos’ speech. The six passengers walk towards the capsule, ringing a bell, and, after they settle in their seats, the Blue Origin owner holds a heartfelt speech. "Laura, with your father, the first American to go to space six decades ago, it took the entire resources of the nation's state. And today you guys can do it in a completely different way,” he says. “That, for humanity, is what's called progress."

Then, we see the launch and see how the passengers feel when they reach zero gravity, floating around the capsule. You also notice several small footballs floating around although not the one Bezos gave Strahan, as the six try to adjust and look outside the window. And, even though the trip doesn’t last longer than fifteen minutes, it’s clearly a one-of-a-kind experience.


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