Miami Dolphins’ Defensive Tackle A.J. Francis Signed Up to Become an Uber Driver

AJ Francis has signed up to become an Uber driver and you can call for his services 1 photo
Photo: A.J. Francis on Twitter
We all need some extra cash, and that demand seems to be even bigger especially when you’re young and restless. Being a National Football League star wasn’t enough for Miami Dolphins’ defensive tackle who decided to make some extra cash as an Uber driver.
Even though he’s only been playing for a couple of years, the 24-year-old sportsman is already looking towards the rich men’s lifestyle. At least that appears to be the case considering playing for an NFL team doesn’t seem to be enough for this fellow. A lot of controversies have emerged ever since he announced his fans on Twitter about joining Uber as a driver, but it turns out it wasn’t just a joke.

Since his announcement unleashed a social media backlash against AJ he later confirmed it’s not a joke, and that he is serious. Why? Because “you know what’s better than NFL money? More money.” There you go, some people apparently can’t get enough of those greens.

We’ve heard of celebrities driving for Uber before, and it’s no big news to be honest. But to publicly admit you’re doing it for money, that is quite impressive for the least. Deadmau5 did it for fun and, of course, so he could brag about his McLaren 650S.

They do it in Dubai with all sorts of special offers now and then, but it’s probably the first time the celebrity is the one to ask for it. Honestly, is the NFL cutting salaries for some unknown reason or what?

Until somebody solves that mystery, you might want to know that Anthony Joseph Francis will be driving his white Dodge Charger. In case you ever need a special kind of ride home, now you know what to do.

We do wonder, however, whether celebrities are getting some extra cash for doing it or they earn the same amount of cash like every other Uber driver.
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