Mexican Shop Delivers Mean 1970s Chevrolet Camaro Restomod Called "The Spartan"

We're not quite sure why the Chevrolet Camaro restomod project we're here to show you was dubbed "The Spartan". After all, the rims on this Chevy are enough to make that label irrelevant, but we'll ignore this and move on to the Camaro's other details.
The Spartan Camaro 10 photos
The Spartan CamaroThe Spartan CamaroThe Spartan CamaroThe Spartan CamaroThe Spartan Camaro1968 Ford Mustang build1968 Ford Mustang build1968 Ford Mustang build1968 Ford Mustang build
The project comes from a shop you probably haven't heard of. Based in Monterey, Mexico, SR Motors seems to be dedicated to restomod projects, with this 1970s Camaro appearing to be the company's first build, at least judging by what the builders tell us on their Facebook page.

The second incarnation of the Camaro was a no-brainer when it came to choosing a starting point for the project.

The silhouette of the Chevy can still be recognized, but most of its visual details have been brought to modern-day spec. The face of the machine comes with a polarizing design, with the most controversial element being the headlights, which pack a sketchy design.

While the front fascia doesn't stray that far from the kind of styling cues the muscle car genre has accustomed us to, the lip spoiler seems to come from the racing world.

The lines of the said spoiler are continued on the side skirts, but the attention focus sits with the squared-design exhaust tips sitting just before the rear wheels.

The rims of the Chevrolet seem to come from ADV.1 Wheels, with their styling being the most new-age part of the car. We should also mention that the wheels come with a concave design (make that deep concave for the rear wheels), while featuring a polished finish.

When it comes to the posterior of the Camaro, the taillights and the fascia are partially integrated into the overall appearance of the vehicle, while the massive diffuser once again reminds us of the motorsport realm. The visible fule filler cap is a bonus.

SR Motors also plans a few other restomod goodies. One of these is a 1968 Ford Mustang and you'll find a few teaser pics of the pony build at the bottom of the image gallery to your right.


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