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Meteor Will Be Crashing Into Earth's Yachting Industry With Unimaginable Style and Speed
What’s there to say, countless industries are shifting in style and capabilities. However, yachting and boating seem to be right up there with the automotive industry. If you don’t believe me, just take the Meteor boat concept as the perfect example of where things may be headed.

Meteor Will Be Crashing Into Earth's Yachting Industry With Unimaginable Style and Speed

Meteor BoatMeteor BoatMeteor Boat CabinsMeteor Boat LoungeMeteor Boat LoungeMeteor Boat Glass RoofMeteor Boat
Folks, the vessel we’ll be looking at today is simply known as the Meteor. It’s a 25 m (82 ft) weekend boat that we could very well see in future years, and the reason I say this is because the crews behind the design have the know-how and experience to really make it happen. All that’s needed is the right buyer.

A few things make Meteor what it is, but one aspect that sets it apart from quite a few vessels on the market is that the design, both inside and out, even the naval architecture, is all handled by Vripack; only one team at play here. In the eventuality that this ship is commissioned, it will be built under the watchful eye of Van Der Valk Shipyard, a crew with experience in the industry since the 1960s.

As for Vripack, if you haven’t heard of them before, this article should help you get acquainted. This boating and yachting bunch has been around since 1961 and was born out of a passion for creating the perfect vessel. Today, that aim is still very much active, and Meteor is about to show you just what this crew can whip up. Who knows, maybe you’ll need their expertise someday, God willing.

First of all, try and forget anything you thought you knew about boats. I say this because Meteor yields an interior unlike any I’ve seen before. Overall, the living spaces are distributed over two decks, with the lower deck featuring the two full-beam bedrooms, crew quarters, and a tender garage at the bow.

The deck above is home to various areas. Starting at the bow, an exterior forward-facing lounge, the one place you should be as you roll into port is in place. This area also features a jacuzzi that can be covered to extend the lounging capacities.

Toward the interior, the first space encountered is the wheelhouse. However, it’s the rear lounge that I want to attract your attention to. Personally, the only other place where I may have seen some iota of such a design is in movies. Even then, it’s doesn’t come anywhere near the balance between leather, wood, semiprecious metals, and composites.

One important aspect to note about this ship is its superstructure. Because Vripack designs the space using laterally-running beams, the ship’s walls are absolutely studded with glass. This reveals an unobscured view of the world around. Incredible art-deco lighting illuminates the space if natural light is missing. Speaking of light, two roof segments slide toward one another to reveal a direct view of the stars above. It’s also a great way to freshen up the air too.

As for the activities guests can partake in, I already mentioned the lounging, but I didn’t mention the massive TV at the front of the lounge, the galley, DJ booth, bar, and beach deck aft. Beyond this, it’ll all depend on the eventual owner’s pockets to add any other spaces within functional limits.

Since this machine is basically ready to be whipped up right now, Vripack also mentions the sort of engines we can find and how fast Meteor is designed to fly around a watery galaxy. Thanks to three MTU 12V2000M96L powerhouses that power three MJP 500 water jet drives, this puppy will be zipping by at top speeds of 41 knots (47.2 mph) and cruise at around 27 knots (31.1 mph). Because of a draft of 1.15 m (3.77 ft), you’ll be able to do that pretty dang close to shorelines.

So far, pricing has not been announced for Meteor, but seeing how these jobs end up being custom, it’s hard to say. You can expect several, if not tens of millions of dollars, to be dumped on something like this. Would you buy something like this if you had the cash?


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