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Meteor Grey 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Hits Texas

When it comes to the attire of 911 specials such as the GT3, Porschephiles can easily be split into two main camps. There are those who enjoy seeing the aggressive lines of these machines being emphasized by extrovert colors, as well as those who enjoy tamer hues. And we're here to bring you an example that can certainly please the later camp.
Meteor Grey 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 1 photo
This 991.2-generation Porsche 911 GT3 comes dressed in Meteor Grey, with the thing having recently hit Plano, Texas.

As the Instagram-based Porsche registry that delivered the pics of the car notes, this shade is lighter than Agather Grey - here's a Turbo S Exclusive Series dressed in the latter shade, allowing you to feast our eyes on this comparison.

The dark aluminum wheels on the car match the main hue and while we're talking features, we'll mention that this Porscha comes with the standard Xenon headlights.

Then again, the build we have here wasn't exactly light on the budget. For instance, the car packs the PCCB (Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes) hardware. This goodie packs assets such as improved fading resistance, but you'll probably have to take things to the track to enjoy that. Nevertheless, the unsprung mass reduction delivered by the hardware also benefits comfort.

Even so, carbon-ceramic brakes are even more prone to developing squeaks. In fact, this matter, which is common among sportscars and supercars, has recently determined Porsche to come up with a video that aims to convince us that the said aural part of the PCCBs is okay.

Returning to the 2018 GT3 we have here, using the swipe feature of the Instagram post below also allows you to check out the cabin of the machine.

This is where we see an interesting mix, one that involves the six-speed manual and the 18-way adjustable seats - most GT3s we've shown you to date pack the full bucket seats, which aren't exactly friendly on long trips, despite being a brilliant companion during track days.


This brand new Meteor Grey (meteorgraumetallic, M7W; Metallic) 991.2 GT3 was recently delivered at the Plano, Texas dealership. It’s a bit lighter than Agate Grey, looks like a really clean spec. It sports the manual and the 18-ways sofa’s. Together with PCCB and the dark aluminum wheels it completes this awesome spec. What do you think about Meteor Grey; would you rather have the standard Agate Grey or even a Rhodium Silver one instead of Meteor Grey? // Photos by Rennlist forum member Bossing // #PTSGT4 #PaintToSample #MeteorGrey #PTS

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