Mercedes Teaser Explains Why the AMG GT Is Going to Be Epic

There can be little doubt that the A 45 AMG is one of the most exciting cars of 2014, often featured in track battles and epic comparisons. Mercedes-AMG has just teased its next big idea's debut today and it looks like it's going to be twice as exciting, twice as beautiful and twice as raw. The most important sportscar of 2015? You can bet on it.
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT burnout 1 photo
Allowing many more people to sample pure AMG magic, the company has decided the sucessor of the legendary SLS should be a little more mainstream. A rival for the Porsche 911, albeit in two-seater form, has been put together using a new 4-liter engine V8 engine based on the A 45's block. Okay, it doesn't have gullwing doors. But if it goes sideways in a huge cloud of smoke, does that really matter?

Officially scheduled for September 9th, the AMG GT will come out at the same time as Apple's iPhone 6. While there's a chance more people will tune in to see the next-gen smartphone, we'll take horsepower over computing power any day of the year.
Epic Development
Something developed in a Chinese laboratory can never be as cool as a Mercedes sportscar. To get the perfect combination of performance and reliability, 50 test drivers pushed many prototypes hard over a period of 32 months through 15 different countries. That's two winter testing sessions and thousands of miles of Nurburgring action.

The only other sportscar we've ever see with such an extensive development period is the 911. This kind of explains why Mercedes chose to make a cheaper, less powerful sportscar that would appeal to more buyers.
From 462 to 510 for a Whole Lot of Awesome
Besides officially confirming the AMG GT's debut, the video also reinforced the fact that two outputs will be available at launch. Base models will come with 462 PS, which is still more than a Porsche 911 Carrera S, while the S-Model will pack 510 PS. That's not as much as the SLS, but the car will be lighter and at least match the latter's performance.

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