Mercedes SLS Doing Crazy Donuts in… Bulgaria?

Mercedes SLS Doing Crazy Donuts in… Bulgaria? 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Three years ago, Jeremy Clarkson, who still worked for Top Gear at the time, narrated a piece for a video game saying the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is the world's best supercar. He suggested it was more powerful than a Ferrari, louder than a Lamborghini and more fun to drive than a Porsche 911 Turbo.
Of course, that's a bunch of nonsense. Especially now, in 2015, when we have the much cheaper yet faster AMG GT, the SLS is a dinosaur. But it has not been forgotten. Every month, somebody tells us how special those gullwing doors are or how perfect the 6.2-liter N/A engine is.

From a design standpoint, it's got the engine in the front, a gigantic hood taking up most of the body and a driving sitting right over the rear axle. This should make doing donuts a bit like riding a roller coaster since you're going to get spun around a lot.

The engine is connected to a twin-clutch gearbox that sits at the back for better weight distribution. You can still hold on to a particular gear by using the manual mode, but it seems doing a burnout in the SLS AMG is harder than you would think.

We don't want to upset any Bulgarians or anything like that, but we never expected a video like this to come from an Eastern European country. Maybe Russia, but never Bulgaria.

According to Wikipedia, Bulgaria is a huge exporter of roses. 85% of all the rose oil on the planet comes from their flowers. And how about this for a fact to share with your Facebook buddies: Bulgarian ministers had an addiction to the online game FarmVille. One municipal councilor was even dismissed for playing too much during a budget debate.

Fact is stranger than fiction, so we leave you with something you can sink into: power+tires=smoke and fun.

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