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Mercedes GLE Coupe Makes European Debut in Geneva, Pricing Announced

The GLE Coupe that Mercedes first showed in Detroit at the beginning of 2015 has finally been shown on European soil, at the Geneva Motor Show. We got to sample the design of the car in 63 AMG S form, knowing full well that pricing information had been released at the same time.
This is the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe 1 photo
In Germany, the BMW X6 rival is available in 5 configuration, only one of them being a diesel, while the Bimmer has 3 diesels available. This just goes to show that Europe isn't the market envisioned for the sports activity coupe.

The Cheapest GLE is called 350 d and basically packs an updated version of the old 3-liter turbodiesel V6, matched to a 9-speed G-Tronic gearbox and ready to set you back €66,699.

The cheapest petrol version costs only slightly more, €67,235. It's a 400 model equipped with the new 3-liter twin-turbo V6. Despite making a lot more power than the diesel (333 PS vs just 258 PS), the fuel consumption is similar (8.9 l/100km for the 400 and 7.2 for the 350 d). That's why we'd go for petrol rather than diesel with this sexy sports truck.

For €75,803, the GLE can also be ordered in semi-AMG format. The GLE 450 AMG Coupe offers 367 PS from the same twin-turbo V6 and is equipped with a 9-speed as well. Despite taking only 5.7 to reach 100 km/h, fuel consumption is about the same as the 400 model. Considering you also get a standard AMG body kit and larger alloys, the 450 model is excellent value.

For some people, a true Mercedes can only come with a V8 engine. There are two true AMG versions for that, the GLE 63 that packs 557 PS and has a similar drivetrain to the ML 63, and the GLE 63 S Coupe equipped with a 585 PS 5.5-liter lump. The more expensive of the two starts at €125,500 in Germany and is what you're looking at in this live video shot at the Geneva Motor Show. Full carbon interior trim and pearl white paint make this into a desirable, yet awkward looking Mercedes.

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