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Mercedes GL V12 Engine Swap by MKB

Not too long ago, a Daimler source confirmed for autoevolution that a factory V12-powered version of the Mercedes G-Klasse is coming for the 2012 revamp, thus bringing all the rumors about the arrival of a G65AMG to real life.
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Now, are back with some more news that places Mercedes SUVs and V12 powerplants in the same sentence, but this time the info targets the aftermarket world. Tuning specialist MKB has recently announced that it is offering a V12 engine swap package for the Mercedes GL.

The aftermarket developer has also tweaked the V12, so the vehicle receives 668 hp and a peak torque of 885 lb-ft (1,200 Nm). Thus, the monster can hit 62 mph from a standing start in 4.4 seconds and allows the driver to keep playing until 168 mph (270 km/h).

As expected, the stopping power has also been upgraded, with the tuner installing 380mm ceramic discs with six-piston calipers for the front axle.

However, all this technical opulence comes at a price: each car needs six months to have its heart transplanted, with the pricing for the operation being set at eur217,568 ($294,028 at the current exchange rate) - no, this doesn’t include the price of the base car, a GL 500.

This transplantation of hearts in the GL 500 is not easy to achieve. Even if the V12 fits the engine bay perfectly well. The outstanding knowledge and creativity of modern tuning companies such as MKB shows not in simply pressing a bigger engine into a chassis which was never thought to be equipped that way it shows clearly in the fact that such a conversion can not be recognized as such by the naked eye. But of course everyone will feel the bigger driving pleasure later on,” a company statement reads.


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