Mercedes G-Class Turned into a 6-Wheeled Stretch Limo on Forgiato Wheels

The Mercedes G-Class is by no means a small vehicle. Most people aren't even tall enough to see the roof, which makes washing it quite tricky. However, nothing the Austrians assembly quite measures up to this thing, not even the 6x6 AMG.
Mercedes G-Class limo 3 photos
Platinum Style LimoPlatinum Style Limo
A company called Platinum Style Limo has taken the G-Wagon and chopped it into bits, adding an extra set of wheels and large sections of sheetmetal. And because normal doors don't say "party on wheels" enough, gullwing units hinged to the roof have also been installed.

Squint and you might think this is GTA V, but Forgiato, who supplied those six massive wheels, assures us it's not.


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