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Mercedes F1 Testing Coanda-Style Exhaust in France

After Sauber, Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren, the Mercedes F1 team has begun testing of their very own Coanda-style exhaust, with which they aim to improve their car’s low-speed behavior, while also reducing tire wear. According to the head of the team, Ross Brawn, “We think that's quite significant in low speed traction [. . .] The effect of the exhaust is more significant at lower speeds than higher speeds, and also brings you the balance perhaps you need for the rear tyre."
Mercedes F1 car 1 photo
Mercedes’ system is probably similar to that of the other teams, using the guided hot exhaust gases to accumulate low pressure spots on the rear of the car, in order to make the gases ‘stick’ to the curved surfaces over which they travel, thus channeling them towards the car’s spoiler and diffuser. Coupled with the double-DRS system, it significantly improves the aerodynamic efficiency of the car.

It’s good to see that 20th century jet engine technology is being successfully applied to F1 cars, which just goes to show how far we’ve come since the days of Fangio and Stirling Moss. We hope to see more technological innovations being applied to F1 cars, as they need to still be at the very pinnacle of automotive technology, otherwise, the sport will start losing some of its appeal.

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