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Mercedes F-duct Seems to Be Fully Legal

Developers in F1 want to push a car far beyond its limits and get a head start, but FIA keeps reminding them about the regulations and bans on all the technologies that they consider not to be suited to F1.
Mercedes F-Duct 1 photo
Even in 2010 when McLaren came with the F-duct, FIA immediately banned it considering that the driver interaction with the car’s aerodynamics is illegal. Mercedes has been busy trying to figure a way to avoid the technology get banned once again.

So, after two years of hard thinking, Mercedes finally came with a F-Duct front wing that didn’t alert the FIA officials.

Other constructors are currently having second thoughts in applying the new technology, fearing that once again FIA will ban the system and the money invested in it will get wasted.

Red Bull currently wants further clarifications regarding the legality of the F-duct system used by Mercedes, hoping to know for sure if to apply it or not.


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