Mercedes Driver Doesn’t Take Kindly to Being Honked at, Makes a Fool of Himself

People don’t like being honked at - it’s one of those things that doesn’t require extensive research from generic British scientists to prove its validity, it’s enough to go out into the world and experience it by yourself.
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Of course, there are multiple types of honking. There’s the “beep - stop backing up or we’ll hit and none of us will like it,” the “beeeep -what the hell do you think you’re doing,” and the “beeeeeeeeeeeep - I’m not even going to translate this as there might be kids reading.” Naturally, the reaction you get from the target differs depending on the type of honk used. It can range from compliance in the first situation to a muttered “calm down you psychopath” in the second, and finally, a sudden burst of road rage that can end with fists and teeth flying around.

The clip below is a classic example of the third case scenario, only the ending is a bit out of the ordinary, to say the least. First of all, let’s make something clear: there are probably 0.1 percent cases when honking as described in our third situation is excusable, and honestly, I can’t even think of one right now. But the one captured here is definitely not it.

I get the feeling there was something going on between these two drivers before the clip started, otherwise the man in the camera car has got to be the least patient person I’ve ever seen. He must be driving with a hand over his horn as it’s only a fraction of a second between the moment the M-Class SUV driver starts braking (admittedly, for no apparent reason) and when the man begins to honk.

The Mercedes-Benz driver initially seems to get going, but he then comes to a complete stop and attempts to exit the vehicle. I say “attempts” because, in the heat of the moment, he appears to leave the car in Drive, and so the car begins to slowly slip away. He realizes that so he gets halfway back to the car, but appears to hit the gas pedal together with the brake (or something) because the car rockets forward, almost hitting a car traveling on the road they were both trying to merge.

The video was uploaded on YouTube by the driver himself, and the title calls the Mercedes-Benz driver “entitled,” which might point out towards a bit of frustration/envy on his part. Naturally, the incident sparked discussions in the comment section, the majority of people agreeing that honking like that makes you a prick, while also admitting that the SUV driver didn’t appear to have any reasons to brake as hard as he did, nor was it smart to get out of the car and confront the decibel abuser.

But if you couldn’t care less about who’s right and who’s not, it’s still worth watching this clip for the man’s hysterical laugh. Wrong or not, he sure has a funny laugh.

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