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Mercedes CLA 45 AMG Pickup Is a Modern Chevrolet SSR

The Mercedes brand used to be synonymous with large sedans for dictators company, CEOs and Vegas casino owners. Even their affordable cars weren't all that mainstream. But ever since 2011 when the B-Class was launched, they've been taking things very seriously in the compact segment.
Mercedes CLA 45 AMG Pickup 1 photo
The A, CLA, GLA and CLA Shooting Brake were all launched in quick succession. Based on the same front-wheel drive platform, these models offer everything from 90 horsepower diesel engines to the most powerful 2-liter turbo on the planet.

For now though, the German company has declined to go any further downstream, denying rumors of a MINI rival or a small crossover. But if the brand has been diluted so much already, why not offer something completely different? Why not go for the exact opposite of a premium car, the pickup truck, and turn that into a FWD abomination?

You guys are looking at a rending of the CLA 45 AMG Pickup created by X-Tomi Design from Hungary. It's a simple idea executed with the help of the new Shooting Brake model. At first glance, this is an absurd idea for a car, really expensive, totally overpowered and not that practical.

But manufactures are constantly looking for new ideas and niches to exploit. Are there precedents? Plenty actually, most of them coming from American companies. There was the 1941 Chevrolet Coupe Pickup.

But the best example of this is the Chevrolet SSR, which was also a hardtop convertible like the BMW 4 Series. If Mercedes manages to make something as cool as that and sell it to Americans and Australians for around $35,000, we bet plenty of people will want one.


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