Mercedes Chickens Inspire Cat Response Video from Lada

Remember the chickens from the Mercedes Magic Body Control commercials? Of course you do, they were really funny and went viral across the Internet, even sparking a response from Jaguar.
Mercedes Chickens Inspire Cat Response Video from Lada 1 photo
Letting a real jaguar eat the chicken was kind of a low blow from the Brits. At the end of the day, Daimler just made some cool tech for the S-Class and a really fully commercial about it, without taking itself too seriously.

But what Lada (or somebody who's a fan of Lada) has done is okay in our book. Instead of chickens, they used a pair of goofy-looking cats who appear to have the exact opposite of magic body control.

While the Mercedes glides over the bumps effortlessly, the Lada jumps around and has the composure of a cat you've dunked in water right after it was sleeping. So what? Ladas are touch, land on their feet and have stayed in production unchanged since… forever.

We're told by our Russian sources that this really is an official video released by AvtoVAZ, but it's made by students of the Chuvash State University. This isn't the original copy on Youtube, just one that's been recently uploaded, which leads us to believe Mercedes did take offense and asked for its removal.

Editor's note: There's also one video where the students play with a dead chicken and drop it on the floor. But I'm pretty sure you don't want to see that one.

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