Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Is a Minivan Version of the F015 Luxury in Motion

Mercedes-Benz could not have afforded to miss one of the most important automotive venues of this year, so it has just confirmed its presence at the Tokyo Motor Show with this new concept.
Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept 1 photo
Photo: Mercedes-Benz
The easiest way to describe the Vision Tokyo is to call it a minivan version of the F015 Luxury in Motion concept shown almost one year ago. But, wait a minute, wasn’t the F015 already a minivan? Ask somebody from Stuttgart, because we honestly don’t know.

Anyway, regardless of the answer you’ll get, the Vision Tokyo seems to be even more of a minivan than Daimler’s previous autonomous creation. It is a one-box futuristic vehicle with an unusually aerodynamic shape for this kind of cars.

Since all we have on the concept is this photo and its name, that can only mean one thing: speculation time. Oh, we do have more, though, in the form of a series of adjectives: “autonomous, luxurious and progressive. A vision for future generations.”

By the looks of it, the Vision Tokyo will feature a similar seating system to the one in F015 Luxury in Motion, with the front seats able to swivel and face the rear ones during autonomous transportation.

The car appears to have a pair of double side doors that should provide an ample opening for getting in and out of the car. Mercedes-Benz continues to signal its self-driving cars with these silver windows that will cause those suffering from claustrophobia a seizure even before they actually get inside the car.

As for the design, there really isn’t much to be said, apart from the fact that it doesn’t look like anything Mercedes-Benz is doing right now. If we were into plot-twits, we’d say the Vision Tokyo could mark the return of the R-Class, but we’re not. And it most certainly isn’t.

The front end, in particular, looks quite strange for a Mercedes-Benz, making the car look like some designer from alliance-colleagues Renault snuck in during the night and had a go at the drawing board. A change in design from Mercedes-Benz? Now that’s something you don’t see every day.
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