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Mercedes-Benz Tempts Santa with a Selection of Gift Ideas

Mercedes-Benz has all the reasons to be cheerful this holiday season. The German company is about to end what could very well be its best year ever in terms of sales, having already overtaken Audi for the second place in the premium segment.
Mercdes-Benz Christmas gift ideas 6 photos
Mercedes-Benz Online Christmas OfferMercedes-Benz Online Christmas OfferMercedes-Benz Online Christmas OfferMercedes-Benz Online Christmas OfferMercedes-Benz Online Christmas Offer
Its sights are now firmly set on BMW, and the leading Bavarians are surely feeling the pressure, even though their lack of activity may not show that.

But if the rest of the year is OK for warmongering with your two neighbors, at Christmas time, priorities change. This is when making your customers happy is even more important than ever, and nothing brings more joy to someone than the right gift.

The Mercedes-Benz online shop is open throughout the year, but for this Christmas it has put together a special collection of gifts that will appeal to everyone, from the young to the experienced, and from the manliest of men to the most sensible women.

There are 56 products to choose from, ranging from Mercedes-Benz truck calendars (€29.90) to golden watches (€249.90) and really valuable scale models - of the 300 SL Gullwing, of course (€189.90 from €229.90).

In fact, there are several other products that connect one way or another with probably the most easily recognizable Mercedes-Benz model ever - its gear shifter knob design has been turned into a keychain (€39.90), as well as a pair of elegant cufflinks (€39.90). Of course, you can never go wrong with a set of wine accessories (€49.90) or even a bottle of Mercedes-Benz perfume (€54.95).

If it’s a kid you’re trying to surprise this Christmas, the options are numerous but they do predictably tend to focus on cars. Big and small, remote controlled or pedal-powered, with two, four, six or even eight wheels, the choice is yours. But if you suspect that cars might not be the little one’s thing, then maybe a teddy bear (€29.90) or a high-tech-looking snow sleigh (€79.90) will be more to his or her taste.

Mercedes-Benz fans of the fair sex haven’t been neglected either, getting to choose from knit scarves (€44.90), nail polish (€8.90), handbags (€159.90), or their own special bottle of perfume (€69.95).

All the gift suggestions can be found in a special section of the Mercedes-Benz’s online shop that you can access here.


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