Mercedes-Benz Starts Selling Cars Online

If you ever dreamt of sitting in front of your computer, watching cat car videos and suddenly having the urge to buy a car of your own without leaving your home, Mercedes-Benz apparently wants to make this dream come true.
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Back in August we were reporting about an upcoming Mercedes-Benz program in which the Stuttgart manufacturer was to start selling cars online via a dedicated website.

First started as a pilot program, the project was to allow only Mercedes-Benz customers in Hamburg, Germany and Warsaw, Poland, to start their car-buying procedure online.

Yesterday, the pilot project started in Hamburg, and the dedicated website already has over 70 pre-configured cars in stock, with the Poles in Warsaw to benefit from a similar program in the upcoming weeks if all goes well.

As we were saying last summer, the buying process is completed via a Mercedes-Benz representative delivering the car to your home for the final signing of the papers. Cynics may see this as the start of an Idiocracy type of car buyers in the following generations, but we actually kind of like the idea.


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