Mercedes-Benz Museum Is Now Selling Classic Cars Directly Through the “All Time Stars” Service

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The problem with buying classic cars is that you’re either taking a huge gamble, or you have to put a lot of money on the table to acquire a well-preserved specimen. And even a high price isn’t always a guarantee for quality.
Now, if you could just buy a classic like you would a new car - from authorized dealerships and with all the provenience papers - that would make the whole experience a lot more risk-free and considerably less stressful.

But you would need a time machine for that, wouldn’t you? You’d need to go back in time when a Mercedes-Benz 300SL could be found on display in dealerships and a salesperson would give you the tour and present all the new features and technologies.

There is the alternative of frequenting auction houses that regularly sell iconic cars with a well-documented past and, occasionally, a recent restoration process. But those cars usually are only destined for collectors, people who see them as investments to be displayed like trophies and sold later on, when their value inflates. But what about the people who are a bit disappointed with the way the automotive industry is going right now and want a daily driver with a little more personality?

Well, for those people, as long as they’re OK with a Mercedes-Benz classic, there now exists the “All Time Stars” project initiated by the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

All the cars sold through this project - which can be seen on the website - go through a thorough 160-point checklist performed by the experts at the Mercedes-Benz Museum before they are split into three categories that reflect their condition and authenticity.

The first is the Premium Edition, with cars in rare original condition with low mileage or vehicles that have been carefully restored by experts at Mercedes-Benz Classic.

Then comes the Collectors Edition. These are cars in excellent condition both technically and visually with some vintage details that only provide more character.

Finally, there’s the Drivers Edition comprised of classic cars and modern classics for people who want to drive them and don’t mind getting their hands dirty, as even though the vehicles are in excellent technical condition, they still have some room for improvement.

All the available cars can be seen on the website mentioned above, or they can be viewed directly at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. Possible sales can be arranged on site as well.
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