Mercedes-Benz Issues Two Separate Recalls in the Same Day, Both Add Up to Less than 900 Cars

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Mercedes-Benz has notified the NHTSA of two voluntary recalls it will issue in the United States of America.
One of these recalls affects 809 units, while the other targets 52 cars. Both recalls will begin in January 2016 and MB USA will contact the owners of the vehicles that will be fixed free of charge. According to the brand’s press release, no accidents were caused by the issues that will be repaired through these two recalls and no people were harmed because of the potential problems.

So, let’s get cracking with the Mercedes-Benz USA recalls announced on December 22, 2015.

The first one is targeting certain E350 and E350 4Matic sedans with a gasoline engine. Apparently, Mercedes-Benz has discovered that only the units made between June 4, 2014 and July 9, 2014 have to be fixed. As the recall notification states, the affected cars have been fitted with a fuel feed line that has a single protective flare fitting instead of a double flare fitting.

In the case of the affected vehicles, the recall is made to prevent a potential fire risk in case the connection between the fuel hose and the fuel feed line is disconnected or develops a leak. The fire hazard only becomes apparent when an ignition source is nearby, but the risk of a stall and a potential crash afterwards is just as present in case the fuel line completely disconnects and the engine is shut off.

The second recall issued by Mercedes-Benz USA is for particular units of the MY 2015 S550 Hybrid.

The campaign only targets 52 cars, made from April 24, 2015 to June 12, 2015. An internal investigation revealed that those particular units were fitted with an improper high voltage charger that may not be up to specification. Because of this, the charging function for the plug-in feature of the hybrid system might not work correctly and falsely detect a charging cable inserted in the particular port, even while the car is being driven. Naturally, all plug-in hybrid cars and electric vehicles are fitted with a safety feature that prevents driving away with the vehicle plugged in.

In the case of the 52 MY 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 Hybrid, the incorrect detection of a charging cable could make the car shift into Park while it is being driven at low speeds or if it is stopped in traffic. The unexpected shift to Park could increase the risk of a crash.

Fortunately, neither of these problems that generated the recalls caused any accidents, human harm or material damage to customers or third parties.
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