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Mercedes-Benz Further Teases Its New Concept, Overall Shape Is Revealed

 The sun went down and now is up again, so that means it's time for Mercedes-Benz to give us another teasing image of the new concept they've got prepared for Frankfurt.
Mercedes-Benz Concept Iaa 1 photo
If the first one was concentrating more on giving us the name of the concept and some details of its finish, this one does a much better job at revealing the body shape of this mysterious vehicle.

We're still in complete dark regarding the Concept IAA's front end, but we do know now it's got a coupe silhouette. Judging by that black line that can be seen in crossing the haunch over the rear left wheel, it could even be a four-door coupe, but it's too early to call it.

The word 'retro' comes up immediately when looking at this concept's design. Another three words that would go very well with it are 'Audi A7 Sportback', but let's not ruin Mercedes-Benz's party.

Besides, we can only see the shape. The detailing on the car's body can change its look dramatically, so we could end up with a car that looks nothing like Audi's four-door coupe.

From the little Mercedes-Benz is giving away about this car, we now know it's got a drag coefficient of just 0.19. What's more, the IAA part of its name stands for "Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile", and not "Intelligent Autonomous Automobile" as we've previously suggested. Well, the 'Intelligent' part could still point to the fact it's an autonomous vehicle, but on the other hand it might be a reference to the car's exceptional fuel (whichever it may be) efficiency.

A decade ago, a low drag coefficient would have meant we were looking at a sports car, but then things like the Volkswagen XL1 came along and everything changed. Nowadays, low drag is not primarily associated with high speeds, but low fuel consumption. Still, who's to say Mercedes-Benz's concept can't do them both?


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