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Mercedes-Benz EQV Is Now an eCamper as Germans Take the Great Leap in the Motorhome Market

Electric vehicles are all the craze these days, for a variety of reasons, and are slowly moving to take over pretty much all segments of the automotive industry. With one notable exception: motorhomes.
Mercedes-Benz EQV eCamper 7 photos
Mercedes-Benz EQV eCamperMercedes-Benz EQV eCamperMercedes-Benz EQV eCamperMercedes-Benz EQV eCamperMercedes-Benz EQV eCamperMercedes-Benz EQV eCamper
Exciting as they are, electric vehicles are only as good as the infrastructure that supports them. That makes them ideal for use in civilized areas, where access to a charging point is at least decent.

Being designed to go off-grid, motorhomes are not exactly suitable for electric powertrains. They probably will, sometime, but for now, companies steer clear of them. Except for Mercedes-Benz.

The company is well known in this segment for the Marco Polo range, but that’s your regular V-Class, powered by ICE engines the carmaker announced no plans to replace for now. But the V-Class has a specially-designed electric variant called EQV, and it is this one Mercedes used now to give birth to “one of the first market-ready eCampers.”

The transformation of the regular van was handled by a shop called Sortimo Walter Rüegg, based in Switzerland. It’s a modular build, capable of being made in such a way as to suit various needs.

In its top configuration, the eCamper comes with a pop-up roof bed, “precisely tailored to the vehicle width of the EQV,” that sits above the kitchen unit. Here, in the vehicle’s luggage compartment, one can find a sink, a two-ring removable gas cooker, a refrigerator box, and drawers for cutlery, cooking utensils, and supplies.

Outside, two solar panels can be fitted, but not to feed electricity in the EQV’s main battery, but to power the starter battery and the auxiliary battery for camping. If you want to peer inside, that should not be possible thanks to the darkened rear windows.

Neither Mercedes nor Sortimo Walter Rüegg says how much the conversions costs, but we are told it “is already available in two-invoice transaction.”

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