Mercedes-Benz CLA to be Gasoline-Only in the US

Even though clean diesel engines have been one of the main pillars for the increased aggressiveness in the Mercedes-Benz US strategy in recent years, not every model in the 'merican range will get its share of the diesel goodness.
Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Edition 1 1 photo
For example, the newly-introduced CLA will be available as a gasoline model only, with the 250 - which will also be available with all-wheel drive - and the 45 AMG being the only two engine types available.

According to Car and Driver, neither the investments necessary or the logistics would make a good business case for the CLA, which is currently the budget Mercedes-Benz in the United States.

The “baby CLS” is available with a 2.1-liter four-banger diesel in Europe, and has just announced it will also offer a Renault-sourced 1.5-liter diesel as the entry-level model, but oil-burners on the Old Continent are an entirely different business case than those offered in the US.

Every Mercedes-Benz diesel model destined for America uses the AdBlue urea-injection system for its exhaust system to adhere to stricter emission laws, and the fitting costs plus federalization for the CLA diesel there would make little sense business wise. The GLA crossover/SUV, destined to be launched in North America in autumn 2014, will apparently “suffer” the same fate as its MFA-platform brother.

Story via Carscoops/Car and Driver


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